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When sinus attacks this winter

Winter brings with it an increased risk of being exposed to the 200+ viruses that cause colds and flu. Short of permanently wearing surgical masks it is almost impossible to avoid the coughs and sneezes of those already infected, or the airborne viruses and allergens. The best defence is having ample and effective ammunition at hand to combat those dreaded symptoms. Sudafed has proved itself an invaluable part of any arsenal in the fight against sinus congestion.

Symptomatic Misery

The nasal congestion usually associated with colds, flu or allergies is really a sign of the internal battle between the virus or allergen and the body’s immune system. The immune system releases certain chemicals that cause increased blood flow to the nose and a swelling of the nasal passages. This in turn causes inflamed membranes and an overproduction of mucus. Narrower passageways and increased mucus production can soon create sinus congestion and cold and flu misery really sets in. The resulting runny nose, sinus headache, itchy eyes and wet cough can however be easily and effectively relieved.

Obtaining Relief

Sudafed is a cold and flu medication that is available from most supermarkets and pharmacies. Its active ingredient, Pseudoephedrine, is formulated to produce non-drowsy relief from, often very painful, sinus congestion. Its decongestant properties target the blood vessels in the nose causing them to shrink and so provide a wider airway. Mucus is then more easily drained and nasal irritation subsides. With recommended dosage, it will help relieve the symptoms of the sinus. Reading more Sinus information is a good part of your defence against colds and flu this winter.