Two gentlemen of aroma

By IH Thursday 08 November 2012 Updated: 08/11 11:40

LOVE will quite literally be in the air at a new exhibition at the RST.

A playful mirrored maze labyrinth has been created by artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, and central to the installation titled The Waft That Woos will be an aromatic 'love potion'.

The powerful scent will be disbursed throughout the maze, with the waft aiming to woo visitors to its core where a sensual wedding grotto awaits.

The ‘love potion’ has been formulated using a concoction of natural perfumes blended with purported aphrodisiacs phenethyleamine and yohimbine.

By disbursing the essence throughout the maze they have created the world’s first aroma labyrinth where visitors follow their hearts and their noses to navigate the maze.

Inspired by The Merry Wives of Windsor, a new production of which plays at the RST this winter, The Waft That Woos is intended to reflect the themes of love and confusion in Shakespeare’s light-hearted romantic comedy.

Sam said: "A maze is designed to enchant, beguile and confuse - much like Shakespeare’s Merry Wives - so it acts as a physical metaphor for the play.

"The Merry Wives of Windsor is a comic misadventure, a romantic pursuit where tricks are played and visual misunderstandings occur and those are the kind of things that we’ve tried to recreate with our infinity mirror maze.

‘The atmospheric aphrodisiac adds another dimension to the maze. The fragrance gets stronger the further you delve into the maze so visitors can use their sense of smell to guide them to the source of the scent.

"We’ve concocted a love potion which is potent but perfectly safe, so we hope The Waft That Woos appeals to romantic lovers and Shakespeare lovers alike."

Bompas and Parr have integrated scientific experiments into previous artistic endeavours, from a walk-in breathable mist of vaporised gin and tonic to unusual flavours of chewing gum that actually changed flavour during chewing.

The Waft That Woos can be experienced until April 7 next year. Admission is free.

Visit for further details.

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Many of the attractions and activities on offer are free and are created by leading artists and theatre makers working alongside the RSC’s own creative practitioners.

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