Kenilworth man comes back from the brink of death

By IH 20/04 Updated: 25/04 08:43

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STEVEN Thorpe is making the most of life after literally coming back from the brink of death.

Four years ago the 21-year-old from Kenilworth was lying in hospital in a coma following a near fatal car crash and doctors were ready to switch off his life support machine.

But his parents never gave up hope their son would pull through even though doctors at Coventry's University Hospital told them he would be lucky to survive the night due to the severe head and other injuries he suffered in the crash in 2008.

When he arrived at hospital doctors decided to perform a craniotomy on Steven's skull - to help reduce the swelling on his brain.

After the second day Steven's condition had not improved and doctors decided to turn off his life support system as there was no hope of recovery.

But Steven's parents refused and demanded a second opinion, so on the recommendation of a friend contacted Dr Julia Piper who ran a Private General Practice in Leicester.

Dr Piper contacted a neurologist at the Queens Hospital in Nottingham and described Steven's condition asking him if he could give a second opinion. He refused and advised that Steven’s parents should listen to the doctors who had said Steven was brain dead and the best solution was to turn off his life support system.

But Dr Piper eventually persuaded another neurologist to examine Steven in hospital, and the family were finally given hope when the neurologist concluded Steven could come out of his Coma and could be ok.

And two weeks later Steven came out of the coma and after seven weeks in hospital actually returned home.

Steven said: “During my time in hospital I was not aware as to what was going on. I was in an indescribable amount of pain desperately waiting for my next dose of medicine and pain killers.

"When I think back now it is beyond belief to think about the amount of emotional pain which both my family and friends went through.

"Although I am now out of hospital, I have not made a full recovery as I have lost the use of my left arm. After long thoughts I decided that this is the new me then with one arm.

"The only thoughts which went though my mind were the things which we all take for granted in life. I was upset because I thought I would not be able to play golf, swim, drive a car or look normal.

"The biggest worry for me was the thought of not being able to have a family or children, because of my appearance and arm. I always dreamed of having a wife and a couple of children because family will always be a very important part of my life”

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