Leamington's fallen Navy and Merchant Navy soldiers

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Royal Leamington Spa, War Memorial's

Roll of Honour: 1939+

Royal Navy / Merchant Navy


MILLER, Albert Edward, P/JX158589;

Boy 1st Class (HMS Royal Oak)

Lost at sea on the 14th October 1939 Aged: 16

The son of: Frederick James and Bertha Ethel Miller, of: 39 Wathan Road, Leamington Spa.

Educated at: Milverton School, he had been employed at Messer's Woodward's Department Store, Leamington Spa.

The Battle Ship HMS Royal Oak commanded by Capt William Gordon Benn RN was at anchor at Scapa Flow, when at 0123hrs on the 14th October 1939 German U-boat U-47 commanded by Capt Gunther Prien fired a spread of three torpedoes one of which hit the starboard side causing a magazine to explode.

The Battleship rolled over and within 19 minutes sank at position: 58/55N, 02/59W with the loss of 833 Officers and men out of her compliment of 1208.

The Royal Oak was the first British Battleship lost in WW2.

Albert is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 34, Column 2, Lillington War Memorial and the All Saints Church War Memorial, Leamington Spa.


COMPTON, Frank Wilfred, D/6981C;

Petty Officer (HM Yacht: Sappho) 29th September 1940, Aged: 34.

Lost at sea on Sunday 29th September 1940, the son of: Mr & Mrs Compton of: Leamington Spa and Husband of: Mrs Compton of: Liverpool.

Educated at Clapham Terrace School

Frank was killed when the guard ship HMS Sappho struck a mine off Falmouth; he had previously survived the sinking of the SS Yorkshire when she was torpedoed by U-37 in 1939.

Frank is commemorated at the Plymouth Naval Memorial Devon, England, Panel 43, and Column 3.

COTTON, Stanley James, P/SSX19234;

Able Seaman (HMS Esk) 1st September 1940, Aged: 21.

Lost at sea on Sunday 1st September 1940, the son of: Ernest and Emily Cotton, of: 6 Windsor Street, Leamington Spa and Husband of: Mrs S Cotton, also of Leamington Spa.

Educated at Milverton School

Before the war Stanley was employed by Messrs Barnes Fruit Stall, Regent Place and Cecil Mason Iron Mongers, Bath Street, Leamington Spa.

The E-Class destroyer HMS Esk was on a mine-laying mission northwest of Texel when she struck a German mine and sank

Stanley is commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 38, and Column 2.

JONES, Edward Lewingdon, P/JX127991;

Able Seaman (Submarine: HM Swordfish) 7th November 1940, Aged?

Lost at sea on Thursday 7th November 1940

The son of: James Arthur and Agnes "Mudger" Jones, of: 25 Gordon St, Leamington Spa and Husband of: Mrs Phyllis Jones, of: Shipton Gorge, Dorset, son of: Edward (Ted) Jones of Sherborne Dorset (who was only 1 at the time of his Fathers death).

Brother of: Reginald who was employed at AP Lockheed as a skilled Engineer.

Edward was employed by the Post Office as a messenger boy before enlisting in the Royal Navy.

Previously serving on HMS Dainty sailing around the world, on one trip to America, where he was arrested during "Prohibition" at a "Speakeasy".

After transferring from Surface duty to the Submarines Edward should have been posted to HMS Thetis but due an injury sustained after falling off his brothers Norton motorcycle he was later posted to HMS Swordfish.

Edward's son Edward Lewingdon Jones was born at Warneford Hospital, Leamington Spa on October 1st 1939.

Phyllis Jones died in March 1977 sadly not knowing of her husbands' fate.

The Swordfish wreck wasn't discovered until 1983 when a diver discovered her on the sea bed off St Catherine's Point, the Isle of Wight.

The 'S' Class submarine sank after she struck a mine shortly after leaving Portsmouth with the loss of all forty-one of her crew.

Edward is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 39, and Column 1.

SLINN, Herbert John;

Greaser (SS Empire Jaguar M/N) 8th December 1940, Aged: 30.

Lost at sea on Sunday 8th December 1940

The son of: George Albert and Sarah Ellen Slinn, of: Leamington Spa.

The Empire Jaguar was on route from Cardiff to Philadelphia when she was torpedoed and sunk by U-103 with the loss of thirty seven crew

Herbert is commemorated at Tower Hill Memorial, Panel 42 and also at St Mary's Church, Roll of Honour, Leamington Spa.

TYLER, Leonard James, C/KX95789;

Stoker 1st Class (HMS Glowworm) 8th April 1940, Aged: 20

Lost at sea on Monday 8th April 1940

The son of: Henry and Elizabeth Tyler.

The 'G' Class destroyer HMS Glowworm engaged the German invasion force heading for Norway and was sunk after ramming the German Cruiser Admiral Hipper in the Norwegian Sea west of Trondheim.

It was during this action that the ships Captain Lt/Commander G.B.Roope was awarded the first Victoria Cross of WW2.

Leonard is commemorated at the Chatham Naval Memorial Kent, England, Panel 38, and Column 3.


BATES, Leslie Richard, P/JX184592;

Boy 1st Class (HMS Fiji) 23rd May 1941, Aged: 17.

Lost at sea on Friday 23rd May 1941, the son of: Private John W and Elsie Bates, of: 40 Brook Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated at: Rugby Road School, before enlisting in the Royal Navy in July 1940

The Colony Class Cruiser HMS Fiji was sunk by enemy aircraft southwest of Crete whilst attempting to rescue survivors from HMS Greyhound with the loss of all two hundred and forty-eight men.

Leslie is commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 51, and Column 3.

BROADHURST, Dennis Charles, P/MX68620;

Wireman (HMS Hood) 24th May 1941, Aged: 25.

Born: 21st May 1916

Lost at sea on Saturday 24th May 1941, the son of: Charles and Rose Broadhurst, of: 17 Rosefield Street, Leamington Spa.

Before the war Dennis was employed at the Daimler Works and Seimans Automatic Telephone Exchange.

The Battle Cruiser HMS HOOD was sunk in the North Atlantic during an engagement with the German Battleship Bismarck, with the loss of one thousand, four hundred and twenty one crew

Dennis is commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 57, and Column 1.

H.M.S Hood Rolls of Honour (Memorials to Men Lost in the Sinking of Hood, 24th May 1941).

HEIGHT, Frank, C/JX214864;

Ordinary Seaman (HMS Picotee) 12th August 1941, Aged: 29.

Lost at sea on Thursday 12th August 1941, the son of: John Edward and Annie Height, of: 46 King's Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated: Campion Central School, enlisting in 1940

The Flower Class Corvette HMS Picotee was part of a convoy escort in the Atlantic Ocean when she was torpedoed and sunk by U-568 off Iceland.

Frank is commemorated at the Chatham Naval Memorial Kent, England Panel 44, and Column 3.

ROOKE, James Anthony, P/MX53911;

Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class (HMS Barham) 25th November 1941, Aged: 31.

Lost at sea on Tuesday 25th November 1941, the son of: Mr and Mrs M Rooke, of: 50 Leam Terrace, Leamington Spa.

James was educated in Birmingham, before enlisting in the Royal Navy in 1938.

Before the war James was employed as an Electrical Engineer with B.T.H Coventry.

The Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship HMS Barham was torpedoed and sunk in the Eastern Mediterranean by U-331 with the loss of eight hundred and sixty-two crew

James is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 57, and Column 1.

SLADE, Peter John Allan;

Lieutenant (HMS Prince of Wales) 10th December 1941, Aged: 26.

Lost at sea on Wednesday 10th December 1941, the son of: Commander Herbert Allan Slade RN and Kathleen Slade, of: Leamington Spa.

Peter enlisted into the Royal Navy in 1933 previously serving on board HMS Cumberland.

The King George V Class Battleship HMS Prince of Wales was attacked and sunk by Japanese aircraft off Kuantan, Malaya with the loss of three hundred and twenty-seven men.

Peter is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial Devon, England Panel 43, and Column 3.


BROWN, Walter Henry, C/JX130753;

Able Seaman (HMS Bedouin) 15th June 1942, Aged: 30.

Lost at sea on Monday 15th June 1942, the son of: Mr W.H. and Mrs G Brown, of: 40 Clarendon Square, Leamington Spa.

The Tribal Class Destroyer HMS Bedouin was on convoy duty on route to Malta when she was attacked by Italian Destroyers and Cruisers.

Although seriously damaged she was taken in tow by HMS Partridge.

She was again attacked and sunk in the Narrows, between Sicily and Tunisia by Italian torpedo Bombers.

Walter is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial Kent, England Panel 53, and Column 1.

LARGE, Kenneth Albert, FAA/FX84222;

Air Mechanic 1st Class (HMS Avenger) 15th November 1942, Aged: 21.

Lost at sea on Sunday 15th November 1942, the son of: Arthur Thomas and Edith Elizaberth Large, of: Leamington Spa.

The Long Island Class USN Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier was transferred to the Royal Navy in March 1942 renamed: HMS Avenger.

As she was returning to the UK after operation 'Torch' when at 0305 hrs on the 15th November 1942 the convoy came under attack from U-155, 45 nautical miles south of Cape Santa Maria, Portugal.

U-155 fired three torpedoes the first hit USS Almaack, the second HMTS Ettrick and the third HMS Avengers port side amidships at 0320hrs resulting in an explosion which ripped through her bomb room and ignited the munitions stored there.

The ship was literally torn apart by the second explosion with her centre section gone, her bow and stern sections rose in the air as her back broke.

HMS Avenger sank under 5 minutes with only 12 survivors, her Captain, 67 officers and 446 ratings were lost.

Kenneth is commemorated on the Lee on Solent Memorial Hampshire, England, Bay 5, and Panel 5.

MOLESWORTH, John Henry, P/JX191371;

Leading Signalman (SS Laconia) 12th September 1942, Aged: 20.

Lost at sea on Saturday 12th October 1942

SS Laconia was on her way from the Suez to the UK on board were 1,800 Italian prisoners escorted by 160 Polish Guards, 268 British military and civilians including 80 women and children

At 2000 hrs on the 12th October 1942 the Laconia while sailing south east of Ascension Island was hit twice by torpedoes fired from U-156.

The first hit caused her to list badly, the second causing the lights to go out.

Due to the damage lifeboats were in short supply, the survivors who couldn't get into a Life boat had to jump into the shark infested sea.

Two hours later the Laconia sank.

U-156 surfaced and began a rescue operation and also radioed for extra help which appeared in the shape of two other German Submarines (U-506, U-507) and one Italian Submarine as well as three Vichy French ships: Annamite, Gloire and the Dumont D'Urville.

During the rescue operation an American Liberator Bomber, from USAF 343 Squadron from the US base on Ascension Island flew over then disappeared only to return 30 minutes later to attack them, as a result what survivors who's lifeboats were tied up to the U-Boats were cut free and the Boats submerged leaving the survivors to their fate until the French ships arrived and picked the survivors up.

At the time of the attack by the American bomber the Laconia had been debility separated from her convoy and that U-156 had a large Red Cross Flag spread over her deck during her rescue attempts.

Altogether including the crew 2,732 persons were on board at the time of the attack, a total of 1,649 lives were lost including the Captain: Rudolf Sharpe (Lancastria).

The Vichy ships picked up 1,083 survivors.

John is commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 66, and Column 2.

PARR, William George, P/JX154090;

Able Seaman (HMS Culver) 31st January 1942, Aged: 19.

Lost at sea on Sunday 31st January 1942, the son of: Bertie Richard and Lucy Parr, of: Leamington Spa.

HMS Culver (USCG Mendote) commanded by Lt.Cdr Randal Thomas Gordon-Duff was part of the escort to convoy SL-98.

At 2331 hrs on the 31st January 1942 southwest of Ireland, German Submarine U-105 commanded by Captain Schuch fired a salvo of three torpedoes at the convoy, the third hitting and sinking HMS Culver at position 48/43N, 20/14W, with the loss of her commanding officer, seven officers and 118 ratings.

William is commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 64, and Column 3.

WILLIAMS, Dennis Roland, C/MX92409;

Electrical Artificer 4th Class (HMS Hecla) 12th November 1942, Aged: 20.

Lost at sea on Thursday 12th November 1942, son of: Arthur & Violet Williams, of: 32 Baker Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated at: Shrubland Street School, after which Dennis was employed as an apprentice jeweler to Messrs Griffiths & Sons, of: Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa.

Just after midnight on the 12th November 1942 HMS Hecla (Destroyer Depot Ship) during the Allied landings in North Africa was torpedoed by U-515 and sunk west of Gibraltar in position 35/43N-09/54W.

The escorting destroyer HMS Marne was also torpedoed as she tried to rescue survivors from Hecla.

In all 279 of her crew went down with the Hecla and 568 men were rescued.

Dennis is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial Kent, England,

Panel 63, Column 3.

WILLS, Edward Douglas, C/KX89225;

Leading Stoker (HMS Cornwall) 5th April 1942, Aged: 23.

Lost at sea on Sunday 5th April 1942, son of: George Edward and Sarah Ann Wills, of: Leamington Spa.

In early April HMS Cornwall (County Class Heavy Cruiser) and her sister HMS Dorsetshire were detached from the fleet to escort the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes to Trincomalee Ceylon for repairs.

On 4th April, the Japanese carrier fleet was spotted, and the two cruisers left the Harbour, and after a hurried refueling at sea, set out for Addu Atoll shortly after midnight.

On 5th April, the two cruisers were sighted by a spotter plane from the Japanese cruiser Tone (See: SAUL T.G-1944) about 200 miles southwest of Ceylon.

Bombers were immediately flown off the carriers to attack the two vessels, in an engagement known as the Easter Sunday Raid.

HMS Cornwall was sunk in 12 minutes by nine 250-550 pound bombs, and six near misses.

HMS Dorsetshire was also lost in this engagement, out of both crews 1,120 men were rescued, Cornwall loosing 198 men.

HMS Cornwall's badge can still be seen proudly displayed on the Selborne dry dock wall at Simonstown, South Africa.

Edward is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial Kent, England,

Panel 61, Column 3.


BRYSON, Esme Howard;

Telegraphist (HMS P311) 5th January 1943, Aged: 21.

Lost at sea between 30th December-8th January 1943, son of: William Wedderburn Matheson and Mary Anne Bryson, of: 19 Wise Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated: Church of England School, Bath Place Leamington Spa.

Enlisted in 1938 at the age of 16.

HMS P311 was a T Class submarine of the Royal Navy, the only boat of her class never to be given a name.

The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill had minuted the Admiralty on several occasions with a list of names for P311, Tutankhamen was eventually decided upon, but she was sunk before the new name could be formally assigned.

She was deployed in the Mediterranean and based in Malta for interception patrols.

In December 1943 she was selected with HM Submarines Thunderbolt and Trooper to embark 'Chariots' to carry out attacks on Italian Warships.

She took passage commanded by Commander Richard Cayley DSO + 2 Bars from Malta to Maddalena with two 'Chariots' and their operators, on the 28th December for the execution of Operation Principal.

Nothing was heard from her after 31st December and it is believed she was mined when attempting to pass through the straits of Bonifacio with the loss of all 61 crew on the 8th January 1943.

Esme is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial Devon, England,

Panel 81, Column 1.

DAWKES, Frederick Ronald, P/SSX36139;

Able Seaman (HMS Egret) 27th August 1943, Aged: 20.

Lost at sea on Friday 27th August 1943, son of: Harry and Ivy Dawkes, of: 64 Court Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated at: Clapham Terrace School, Leamington Spa.

Employed at: Lockheed Brake Company, before enlisting in 1940.

On 27th August 1943 the 40th Support Group was relieved by the 1st Support Group, consisting of Egret together with another 'Sloop' Pelican and the frigates Jed, Rother, Spey and Evenlode.

The group was attacked by a squadron of 18 Dornier Do217 carrying Henschel glider bombs.

The covering destroyer HMCS Athabskan was heavily damaged by a bomb and Egret was sunk with the loss of 194 of her crew, however there were also 4 RAF Y-Service Electronics specialists on board( excluded from published official casualty figures), all of whom also died in the attack, bringing the total lost to 198.

Frederick is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 74, and Column 2.

DELL, Dennis William, LT/JX436327;

Seaman (HM Trawler: Kingston Beryl) 25th December 1943, Aged?

Lost at sea Christmas Day 1943, foster son of: J.Frederick Wheeler, of: Leamington Spa, Grandson of: Mr and Mrs Wheeler, of: 1 Suffolk Street, Leamington Spa.

Before the war Dennis was employed at: Lockheed Brake Company, Leamington Spa.

The anti-submarine Trawler: Kingston Beryl was sunk by a British Mine at position 56/12.2 N 07/29.5 W off Skerryvore.

Dennis is commemorated on the Lowerstoft Naval Memorial, Suffolk England, Panel 11, and Column 2.

Also on the Lockheed Companies Roll of Honour, Leamington Spa.

LlOYD, Derek Gordon, P/JX327262;

Able Seaman (HMS Puckeridge) 6th September 1943, Aged: 20.

Lost at sea on Monday 6th September 1943, son of: Evan Charles and Edith Emily Lloyd, of: Leamington Spa.

Nephew of: Mr Norman and Dennis Lloyd.

Educated at Clapham Terrace School before enlisting in July 1942.

Around 2015 hrs on Monday 6th September 1943 the escort destroyer HMS Puckeridge (L108) commanded by Lt John Cecil Cartwright DSC-RN was hit by two of four torpedoes fired by U-617(Brandi)and sank about 40 nautical miles east of Gibraltar in position 36/06 N 04/44 W, with the loss of 62 men from her crew of 191.

HMS Puckeridge was on route alone taking important messages to Oran.

Derek is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire, England, Panel 75, and Column 1.

Derek's Brother: Cpl Dennis Raymond Lloyd (793159) Military Police also fell: 24th October 1942(El Alamein War Cemetery-Egypt).


BEASLEY, Donald, FX562863;

Leading Radio Mechanic (HMS Shrike-Fleet Air Arm Airfield) 21st March 1944, Aged: 20.

Accidentally killed in Glasgow on Tuesday 21st March 1944, son of: Raymond and Elizabeth Beasley, of: 11 Llewellyn Road, Leamington Spa.

Educated at: Leamington College for Boys, employed at: the Midland Bank Leamington Spa.

Donald was accidentally shot dead by Seaman Frederick Hill aboard MV Empire Macoll.

Donald is buried at the Leamington (Whitnash) Cemetery, Section 92 Grave 226 and commemorated on the Holy Trinity Church War Memorial, Leamington Spa and on the Leamington College for Boys War Memorial.

CLARK, Roland Raymond Willoughby, P/JX362872;

Able Seaman (HMS Penelope) 18th February 1944, Aged: 23.

Lost at sea on Friday 18th February 1944, son of: Thomas and Helen Clark, of: Leamington Spa.

The Arethusa Class cruiser HMS Penelope commanded by Captain G.D.Belden, DSO, DSC, AM, RN, was leaving Naples after providing fire support to the Anzio landing, and was returning again to the Anzio area when she was torpedoed at position 40/55N 13/25E by U-410 while making 26 knots.

A torpedo struck her in the engine room and was followed sixteen minutes later by another that hit in the after boiler room, causing her immediate sinking, 415 of the crew, including the Captain went down with the ship out of the crew of 621.

In C S Forester's novel "The Ship" his dedication reads;

"With the deepest respect to the officers and crew of HMS Penelope".

Roland is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, England, Panel 82, and Column 1.

DWYER, Terence Leonard George, FX/112967;

Leading Airman (HMS Canada) 2nd May 1944, Aged: 18.

Died on Tuesday 2nd May 1944, son of: Leonard George and Daisy Maud Dwyer, of: Leamington Spa.

Educated: Leamington College for Boys.

Buried in the Yarmouth (Mountain) Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Grave Ref: Lot 4, Section AK, Grave 8.

Commemorated on the Leamington College for Boys War Memorial and the Lillington War Memorial.

FAULKNER, Brian, P/JX501087;

Able Seaman (HM Submarine: Stratagem) 22nd November 1944, Aged: 19.

Lost at sea Wednesday 22nd November 1944, son of: John and Hilda Faulkner, of: St Helens Road, Leamington Spa.

The S-Class Stratagem (P234) left Trincomalee on November 10th 1944 to patrol in the vicinity of Malacca where it was believed the Japanese were loading ships with Bauxite Ore.

On the 18th she sank the tanker Nichinan Maru but on the 22nd she was spotted by a Japanese aircraft that directed a destroyer to her position where she attempted to dive.

The first salvo of depth charges causing her bow to strike the bottom, failing to be able to close the water tight doors the crew was forced to abandon her, 10 of her crew out of the boats compliment of 48 officers and men were taken prisoner, of whom only three survived captivity.

Brian is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire England, Panel 82, and Column 2.

REYNOLDS, William Henry Alfred, FAA/FX608014;

Leading (Air Gunner) Aircraftman (HMS Furious) 6th May 1944, Aged: 22.

Killed in Action on Saturday 6th May 1944, son of: Edwin Alfred and Anne Beatrice Reynolds, of: 74 Queen Street, Leamington Spa, and Husband of: Francis Doreen Reynolds.

Educated at Milverton School after which William was employed by W.H.Smiths in Spencer Street, Leamington Spa.

On the 6th May 1944 aircraft (Barracudas) from carriers: HMS Furious & Searcher took part targeting two southbound convoys off Molde, Norway; it was during this attack that William was killed in action.

The month previous the same aircraft had hit the German Battleship Tirpitz, the Furious claiming ten hits damaging the Tirpitz so badly she wasn't able to return back to Germany.

William is commemorated on the Lee-on-Solent Memorial Hampshire, England, Bay 5, Panel 3.

SAUL, Thomas George, C/JX235844;

Able Seaman, M.V.Behar (HMS President III) 19th March 1944, Aged: 23.

Murdered on Sunday 19th March 1944, son of: Thomas and Beatrice Saul, Husband of: Maude Saul, of: Shotton, County Durham.

Contrary to the County of Warwickshire Roll of Honour 1914-2005;

The Behar (HMS President III) had been sailing from Newcastle, New South Wales & Melbourne with a cargo of Zinc and 9 passengers.

On the 9th March 1944 the ship was intercepted by the Japanese Cruiser: Tone, south-west of the Cocos Island and sunk.

Of the 104 crew and passengers picked out of the water 72 were randomly picked out and subsequently beheaded on the Tones quarterdeck on the evening of the 18th/19th March (Behar Massacre).

The execution order came from Vice Admiral Sakonji, who was later hung for war crimes on the 21st January 1948.

By 1950 General MacArthur's HQ began hampering the investigation into all Japanese war crimes and began destroying evidence.

The Allied Governments, who signed the 1951 Peace Treaty with Japan, signed away all chances of obtaining compensation from the Japanese Government by former PoW's.

Thomas is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial Kent, England, Panel 76, and Column 1.


POOLE, Peter Harvey, L/FX105324;

Air Mechanic (E) 1st Class (HMS Garuda-Royal Navy Aircraft Repair Yard, India)

28th August 1945, Aged: 21.

Died at the Naval Hospital, Colombo, Ceylon on Tuesday 28th August 1945

Son of: Mr and Mrs Poole, of: 3 Spencer Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated at the Leamington College for Boys

Peter is buried at the Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery, Sri Lanka.

Grave Ref: 1.J.9.


O'DONNELL, Raymond Sidney James, LT/JX328089;

Seaman (HMS Daedalus- Fleet Air Arm Headquarters) 5th March 1946, Aged?

Accidentally drowned at Hamble, Lee-on Solent on Tuesday 5th March 1946, son of: Mr and Mrs O'Donnell, of: 32 Brook Street, Leamington Spa.

Educated: Saint Peter's Roman Catholic School, Leamington Spa

Before the war Raymond was employed at Messrs Thombs the Printers and the Lockheed Brake Company, Leamington Spa.

Raymond was drowned on the eve of his demobilization when the liberty boat he was traveling in overturned.

Raymond is buried at the Leamington Spa (Milverton) Cemetery and commemorated on the Lockheed Brake Company War Memorial, now located at the Art Gallery and Museum Leamington Spa.

1982: South Atlantic War;

SULLIVAN, Kevin Richard Frederick, DO82300A; Weapons Electrical Artificer1 (HMS Sheffield) 4th May 1982, Aged: 35.

Lost at sea on Tuesday 4th May 1982, son of: Frederick and Helen Sullivan, of: 86 Southway, Whitnash, Leamington Spa.

The Husband of: Patricia Sullivan (nee: Joyce) of: 190 Whiteheart Lane, Porchester, Hampshire.

Born: Dormanstown, Cleveland: Sunday 16th February 1947.

Educated: Aylesford School, Warwick.

Married: All Saints Church, Warwick in 1973.

At approximately 10 am on the 4th May 1982, HMS Sheffield (D80) a Type 42 Guided Missile Destroyer was at defence watch, second degree readiness, as part of the British Task Force dispatched to the Falklands Islands in response to the Argentinean invasion of the Falklands.

Sheffield had relieved her sister: HMS Coventry as the latter was having technical trouble with her 965 radar.

Sheffield and Coventry were chatting over UHF.

Communications ceased when an unidentified message was heard flatly stating "Sheffield is hit".

The flagship HMS Hermes dispatched the escorts HMS Arrow and HMS Yarmouth to investigate, and a helicopter was also launched.

Soon after one of Sheffield's Lynx helicopters landed on HMS Hermes confirming that the Sheffield had been fired on by two French made and supplied Exocet Missiles, the first hitting her in amidships 8 feet above the waterline on Deck 2.

The second splashing into the sea about half a mile off her port bow

The first Exocet failed to detonate but caused a fire that would remain unchecked for a number of days even after most of her crew had to abandon her.

The plan was for HMS Yarmouth who had HMS Sheffield in tow, to tow her to South Georgia for repairs, but due to flooding caused by the high seas while on tow HMS Sheffield with her heart and body broken finally gave up and sank at position: 53/04 S 56/56 W on the 10th May 1982 with the loss of 20 of her crew.

Where she now lies is designated as a War Grave and as a 'Protected Place' under the Protection of the Military Remains Act: 1986.

Kevin is commemorated at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

We are still waiting to confirm who from the above is commemorated upon the Leamington Spa Navy Associations Roll of Honour!

"Their Name Liveth For Evermore"

Last Up-Dated 25/02/2011.

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