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Roll of Honour


(Entries with photographs at the bottom of the page)

Top photograph:

Lieutenant, STUART, David Andrew Noel (Viscount Stuart) 232729;

5th Troop 'A' Squadron (Troop Leader)

Killed in action on the 10 November 1942 aged 21, during a German air attack on the Squadron which lasted 25 minutes in the Trigh Capuzzo area

Born on the 7th October 1921

The son of Arthur Stuart, 7th Earl Castle Stewart, MC (Major- Machine Gun Corps-WWI) 6th August 1889-5th November 1961 and Eleanor May (Nee Guggenheim) Countess Castle Stewart (26th May 1896-New York-May 1992-Nutley, Sussex)

Brother of; Robert John Ochitrie Stuart (12th December 1923-17th December 1944) 2nd Lt, 'B' Squadron 9th Royal Lancers (Ancona War Cemetery, Italy Ref: IV.C.7.


Arthur Patrick Avondale Stuart, 8th Earl Castle Stewart (18th August 1928- ) Lt, Scots Guards


The Hon, Simon Walter Erskine Stuart (22nd August 1930-19th September 2002)2nd Lt, Scots Guards

David who was educated at Eton before joining Trinity College on the 1st October 1940, taking part 1 of the modern languages in 1941, getting a 2 in French and 3 in German, David left before completing a degree.

After leaving Trinity College David attended OCTU at Perham Down near Andover

David had only been with the Regiment for three months at the time of his death.

The present Earl and Countess Castle Stewart have asked for the following dedications to be included;

"He died bravely as he lived"

Major Sir John Lawson to David's parents

"A life so nobly given in its service"

King George wrote to David's parents.

David is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 19 and at Trinity College, Cambridge

Photographs supplied with the kind permission of the Earl and Countess Castle Stewart (Copyright 2009)

(My gratitude to David's family, Trinity College and Denise for their help and kindness shown)

Trooper, Griffith John JONES, 7922755;

47th (Oldham) Royal Tank Regiment, 24th Armoured Brigade (previously 11th Hussars P.A.O) 8th/10th Armoured Divisions (disbanded 1st March 1943)

Killed in action on the 27th October 1942, aged 32 during the 'Battle of El Alamein'(Operation Lightfoot) either during the attack on or later that day during the defence of the "Snipe" objective

Born on the 13th April 1910, Glamorgan

Resident Glamorgan

The son of Thomas and Mary Ann Jones, of Brynamman, Carmarthenshire

Griffith is buried at the El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt

Grave Ref: XVIII.G. 7

Commemorated upon the Brynamman War Memorial and at St Andrew's Church, Caunton, Nottinghamshire also on the Bovington Tank Museum Roll of Honour

(Not listed in the Welsh National WWII Book of Remembrance held at the Welsh National Museum, Cardiff).

Roll of Honour Land Forces WW2 (Vol 1) Page 128

Trooper, BURNS, Cecil George, 848438;

(Squadron Unknown)

Died of illness on the 5th March 1942 aged 25(W.3040 records from 12/11/1939 up until his death Cecil had been suffering from an illness which he was to die of at East Kirkbride Hospital)

Born on the 22nd November 1916 in Surrey

The son of George Henry and Edith Augusta Burns, of 35 Second Avenue, Mortlake SW14

Husband of Edith Burns, of Mortlake SW14

Cecil was buried at the East Sheen Cemetery in Surrey on the 12th March 1942

Grave Ref: G. 626.

On the 24th January 1958 his father George Henry (73 yrs) was also buried in the same grave and whose name also is commemorated on the grave headstone.

Then a year later Cecil's mother Edith Augusta was also buried in the same grave on the 6th March 1959 (69yrs) but sadly isn't commemorated on the grave headstone.

(My gratitude to Natasha Bradshaw Cemeteries Manager, Richmond)

Trooper, HOCKNELL, John Davies, 7910943;

'C ' Squadron

Died in an accident when the armoured car he was traveling in crashed and overturned near Kermanshah on the 18th June 1942 aged 29.

Born on the 1st June 1913 in Swansea, South Wales

The son of Harry (ironmonger) and Margaret Jane (Nee Davies) Hocknell, of London House, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont, Swansea

Brother of David and William Hocknell

Uncle of Mr Stuart Hocknell OBE

Educated at Swansea Grammar School taking his matriculation examinations in 1928

In 1929 John joined a major Swansea ironmonger as a junior member of a department in preparation to take over his families' business.

In 1940 John enlisted into the 11th Hussars and after recruit and basic training at Bovington Camp, he was posted to the Middle East with 'C' Squadron arriving in April 1941.

John was initially buried in the garden of an English resident in Kermanshah, later being re-interred in the Baghdad North Gate Military Cemetery in Iraq.

Grave Ref: 22.K.13

Commemorated on page 75 (11th Hussars) of the Welsh National Book of Remembrance, held at the Welsh National Museum in Cardiff.

(Awaiting Family Dedication)

(My gratitude to John's family for their help and kindness shown)

Trooper, CRAMPTON, Harold, 319500; 5th Troop 'A' Squadron Killed at sea on the 14th February 1942 aged 23, as a prisoner of war after being taken prisoner at 09.30 hrs on the 25th January 1942 in the Agedabia area. Born on the 18th September 1918 in Burton -on-Trent The son of Mrs P Jacobs, of 4d Auriol Road, Kensington W14 At 3.00 pm on Sunday 15th February 1942 the Italian ship Ariosto left Tripoli with an estimated 300 POW's on board bound for Sicily. She had only been sailing for a few hours when at 6.00 pm she was torpedoed by the British submarine P38 and sunk. The Torpedo struck the forward hold where the POW's were packed and killed many including Harold. Amongst those who also died that day were three 10th Hussars; Tpr, J.R.Hall, 7911764 Sgt, A.Wemyss, 405524 Sgt, P.W.Wilson, 542321. Out of the 300 estimated POW's on board 137 were picked up. Harold is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 20 (My gratitude to Harold's family for all of their help and kindness shown)

Sergeant, STANBRIDGE, Charles Edgar, 5331772; S.Q.M.S (W.3040) (Returning back to the UK) Died at sea along with his wife Susan on the 12th September 1942 aged 37(Susan 35) Born on the 9th December 1904 at 91c Alexandria House Newington North, Southwark London The son of Edward George and Amy (Nee Elliott) Stanbridge, of 91c Alexandria House Newington North, Southwark London Brother of George Frederick Stanbridge Husband of Susan Marie (Nee Carman) Stanbridge Father of Susan (Alice) (15/07/1931- ) Charles (15/04/1930- ) and Norman (22/03/1935- ) On the 12th September 1942 Charles and his family; Susan (35) Alice (11) Charles (12) and Norman (7) were on board the 'SS Laconia' sailing from Durban to the UK when at 8.00 pm she was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat 156. Charles and his wife Susan were both killed and the children after eventually returning to the UK were looked after by Charles' brother George living in Dagenham in Essex. Also on board that day was another 11th Hussar family; Sgt Cyril Henry W De Luc, his wife Martha (31) Leonie Florence (5) John Bernard (14 months) and Martha (11) who was the best friend of Alice Stanbridge during their lives in Cairo and afterwards in Durban. Martha was to lose her brother John (14 months) sister Leonie (5) and mother Martha (31) Charles enlisted in the Army at Reading on the 1st March 1924 joining the 12th Royal Lancers; it is believed that when the 11th Hussars arrived in Egypt in 1934 taking over from the 12th Lancers, Charles transferred over to the 11th Hussars to complete his service in Egypt. Charles is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 19. Susan Stanbridge and Martha, John and Florence De Luc are commemorated in the CWGC Roll of Honour (SS Laconia-Civilian War Dead). Family dedication; "I'm sure we have our father to thank for saving us today with our beloved mother by his side we will honour them always" "We still have tears in our eyes to this day" (Norman) "I was blessed with a kind and loving father who was taken from me so early in his life. It was a tragedy that he died at such a young age but he will live forever in my memory" (Alice) (My gratitude to Martha De Luc (UK) Alice (Canada) Charles (Australia) and Norman (Australia) Stanbridge and to Denise for their help and kindness shown)

Trooper, SADD, George William (Ginger) 7907691; 5th Troop 'B' Squadron Killed in action on the 16th October 1942 aged 25 as the result of a German Me 109 air attack. Born on the 8th November 1916 in Ipswich The son of Arthur and Bertha Sadd Husband of Adeline Sadd, of Canley in Coventry (Previously of 115 Henniker Road, Bramford in Suffolk) Father of Michael George Sadd (1 yr old when George died) George is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 20

Captain, PALIN-EVANS, Peter Nelson St Clair, 132783; 'A' Squadron (Troop Leader) Died of wounds on the 24th October 1942 aged 23. At 2.00 pm on the afternoon of the 24th October 1942 Peter was resting by the side of his armoured car when a chance shell landed near by wounding Peter who died 5 minutes after. At the time of Peter's death he had served 14 months with the Regiment. Born in 1919 in Cardiff in Wales The son of John Richard (1882- ) and Dorothea (Nee Tallack) Palin-Evans (1883-USA-1983) of Farnham in Surrey Brother of John T P Palin-Evans Peter grew up at Penarth until his father died when the family moved to Farnham in Surrey. Peter left the RAC wing at Sandhurst OCTU on the 25th May 1940 being commissioned into the Inns of Court, City of London Yeomanry before being posted to the 11th Hussars. Peter's father ran a business making cutlery for the White Star Line at Penarth before his death; his mother also ran a business in Farnham making soft drinks at Moor Park. Peter is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 19, and is also commemorated on page 75 of the Welsh National Book of Remembrance held at the Welsh National Museum in Cardiff. (My gratitude to Emily Hicks and Denise for all their help)

Trooper, HOWELLS, Glyndwr Nicholas, 7912918; 'A' Squadron Headquarters (SHQ) Killed in action on the 7th January 1942 during a German air attack, which resulted in one bomb landing on the petrol lorry killing both drivers Tpr James Shaw and Glyndwr (The Eleventh at War incorrectly identifies Glyndwr as being killed on the 23rd November 1941 with Tpr James Brentwood Howells on page 201) Born on the 14th March 1916 in Swansea, Glamorgan South Wales The son of Stanley and Katie Howells, of Swansea Brother of Margaret Howells Husband of Evelyn C Howells, of Gorseinon, Swansea Father of Nicholas (Howells) Strang, Nicholas was born in February 1941 and his father never saw his son. Nicholas's mother died when he was 15 and was adopted by his aunt Margaret (Howells) Strang (Glyndwr's sister) Cousin of Miss Brenda Howells Glyndwr is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 20 Also at Edenesar Chapel, Gorseinon and on page 75 of the Welsh National Book of Remembrance held at the Welsh National Museum in Cardiff. (My gratitude to Glyndwr's family for their help and kindness shown)

Trooper, SHAW, James (Jim) 322079; 'A' Squadron Headquarters (SHQ) Killed in action on the 7th January 1942 aged 19 during a German air attack when one bomb hit the petrol lorry resulting in the deaths of both drivers Tpr G.N.Howells and James Born on the 21st July 1923 in Belfast The son of James and Rachel Shaw, of Belfast Brother of Tommy, Billy and Arty Shaw James being one of seven children was educated at the Old Lodge Road Primary School and attended St Stephens Church Sunday School James is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 20 Family dedication; "He is one of many brave men who gave their life so that others might live in peace" "Loved and remembered always by his Brothers Tommy, Billy and Arty" Betty (Billy's Daughter) (My gratitude to James family and Isaac for their help and kindness shown)

Lieutenant, COCKBAIN, Anthony Clifford Le Hunte, 140799; 'B' Squadron Died on the 28th November 1942 aged 29 (Cause as yet unknown) Born in 1912 in London The son of Thomas Herbert and Edith Clara Byng (Nee Cooper) Cockbain Husband of Averil C (Nee Demuth) Cockbain, of 'Greystones' Sithney in Cornwall (Just before the war Anthony and Averil adopted two sons and after the war Averil moved to St Just, Penzance) Anthony joined the RAC wing of Sandhurst OCTU on the 19th January 1940 and left on the 20th July 1940 being commissioned into the 11th Hussars Anthony's three Medals; 1939-45 Star, Africa Star and War Medal was sold off in auction at Dix Noonan and Webb Auctioneers (DNW), of Piccadilly in London on the 27th June 2002, Lot Number 1242. Also included within the Lot was two portraits of Anthony, a copy of the 'Eleventh at War', a copy the 1949 Regimental Journal, the Army Council condolence slip and the Ministry of Pensions illuminated Memorial Scroll. Anthony is buried at the Ramleh War Cemetery in Israel. Grave Ref: 3.B.14. On Anthony's Headstone the inscription simply reads; "I Am Alive For Evermore" (My gratitude to Sandhurst and Mr David Farrell of DNW for their help)

Trooper, BLAKEY, Charles Frederick, 319639; 3rd Troop 'C' Squadron Killed in action on the 15th December 1942 aged 26 after his armoured car drove over a mine in the Via Balbia area in Libya. Born on the 22nd October 1916 in Grimsby in Lincolnshire The son of Robert Edward Blakey (Mothers maiden name: Hill-no other record) of 100 Garibaldi Street Grimsby in Lincolnshire (CWGC has no record of parentage) (W.3040 records next of kin as being his Aunt: A.M 60 Watkins Street Grimsby in Lincolnshire) Husband of Irene May (Nee Booth) Blakey, of 120 Garibaldi Street Grimsby in Lincolnshire (Married at St Andrews Church in Grimsby on the 1st March 1941) Charles is commemorated on the El Alamien War Memorial in Egypt on Column 20.

Sergeant, COLMAN, Alfred George, 552190; (Squadron Unknown) Died in Hospital in Cairo during an operation for stomach ulcers (he had also contracted typhoid) on the 25th February 1942 aged 26. Born 1916 in Halvergate in Norfolk The son of Alfred and Eva Betsy (Nee Fransham) Colman, of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk Brother of Stanley, Kenneth and Joyce Alfred's father Alfred served for 21 years with the 11th Hussars during and after WWI as S.Q.M.S. Alfred had joined the 11th Hussars at the age of 16 as a band boy spending most of his adult life as a 11th Hussar. A keen and successful welter weight boxer which the family still have the cups and trophies he had won as testament. A letter of instruction for a forthcoming boxing match addressed to Trooper Colman between the 11th Hussars and the 7th Queen's Own Hussars to be fought at 7.45 pm on the 30th April (no year or venue given) signed by S.S.M W Lockwood. On the 1st October 1934 Alfred passed his Army Certificate of Education (Army Form C.309) at Tidworth in English, Army and Empire, map Reading and Mathematics. Alfred's brother served with the Physical Training Corps and had visited Alfred in Hospital before his operation which he sadly never survived from. On the 22nd January 1947 the family received notification of Alfred's grave details (wooden cross) with photographs from the War Office (Ref; Egypt 43-16/AG.13) Alfred is buried at the Cairo (Heliopolis War Cemetery in Egypt. Grave Ref: 1.G.28. Alfred's headstone has the 11th Hussars badge but the wrong Regimental name 'Royal Hussars', the CWGC have been informed and are in the process of changing. (My gratitude to Mrs Linda Edwards, Kenneth and Mabel Colman and family for their help and kindness shown)

Lieutenant, PEACOCK, John Winter, DCM, MM, 245657; 3rd Troop 'A' Squadron (Troop Leader) Killed in action on the 23rd October 1942 aged 22, as the result of his armoured car being hit by a anti-tank shell which penetrated his turret killing John instantly. Born on the 8th January 1920 at Combermere Barracks near Windsor in Berkshire The son of Joseph Sidney (at the time of John's birth Joseph was serving with the 2nd Life Guards as a Farrier / Staff Corporal) and Nellie Eliza (Nee Bowles) Peacock, of Hayes End in Middlesex. Brother of Lavina Lillian (Lily) Peacock (born 1917 Windsor) Uncle of Mr Russell J Porter (Canada) John had joined the 11th Hussars as a Trooper in 1937, awarded the Military Medal (MM) as Sergeant in 1941 (London Gazette 8th July 1941) Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) in March 1942 (Hayes & Harlington Advertiser & Gazette 6th March 1942); "This N.C.O has, during the last four weeks shown the utmost bravery and initiative, which has resulted in some of the most important information being obtained". John's Battle Field Commission was granted as Second Lieutenant on the 31st May 1942 (London Gazette 13th October 1942) John is buried at the El Alamein War Cemetery in Egypt Grave Ref: XXVII.E.3. "Deep in my heart a memory is kept of one i love and never forget, Mother".

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